I Still Don’t Mind Watching

Over the course of this season, there have been good times and there have also been bad times. More bad times than good and some real adversity for a team that was, as they say ‘One goal away from the Stanley Cup Finals’. But I have come to grips with our situation and have for a good month or two now that we are at the brink of a rebuild, a retool or a rebuild with a capital R or whatever they are calling it.

In my vision of the Ottawa Senators, we retain Erik Karlsson, our prospects step up in the 2018-2019 season and we have a great run for the playoffs. This includes the likes of Logan Brown,Colin White , Drake Batherson and Alex Formenton as our next group ready to try to make the big leagues.

Unfortunately it looks like our management is hell bent on on destroying this beautiful vision by interfering with the team on every level and has earned the ire of of the entire fanbase. Going so far as funding (approx $8,000) billboards to display “#MelnykOut”

This blog will be a great place to vent my own frustrations, but I also hope to be able to celebrate our successes as well in the coming years. I have loved watching the Ottawa Senators since I can remember and I wish them the best success this season regardless of all the roadblocks and interfering factors.

So why Couch Hockey?

You know, it’s weird to say but as I enter my 30s, some of my fondest memories growing up is watching hockey and playing Chell with my friends on the many different couches through all those years. As a visible minority and immigrant, there was also something intimately Canadian about all of that.

This blog is an homage to those memories: to cherish them but also to acknowledge that there are many more to come in our respective worlds.

Looking forward to having some fun and, hopefully, building something special along the way.